Mission Control as a Service

Making space communication easier by providing a streamlined Mission Control as a Service interface that interacts with AWS Ground Station.

You can find Nova Leap in the AWS Marketplace.



Easily visualize and analyze telemetry data collected from your recent satellite contacts, giving you a comprehensive overview of your operations. Stay on top of your mission critical data and make informed decisions with our intuitive dashboard.


Our scheduling simplifies the process of reserving time on the Ground Station of your choosing, allowing you to easily select a time slot that works best for your mission. Streamlining your operations with our intuitive scheduling tool.


Have complete control over your Ground Station mission configuration. Our interface allows you to easily create, edit, update, and delete missions, ensuring that you can adapt to changing requirements and maintain maximum operational efficiency.


Our configuration management feature allows you to easily create, edit, update, and delete Ground Station configs for your missions, ensuring that you have complete control over your operations.


Our ephemeris management feature provides you with the ability to upload your TLE and OEM ephemerides, allowing you to easily create, edit, update, and delete ephemeris data to make satellite tracking easier.


Our settings page allows you to switch between different AWS regions for editing your mission profiles and configs, providing you with greater flexibility and control over your operations.


When launching Nova Leap via CloudFormation you are given the ability to add a username and password that can be used to authenticate into the user interface.


You can specify domain names as CloudFormation parameters to generate SSL certificates for when you setup a domain to point to the EC2 instance.



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