Launch Nova Leap

  1. Search the AWS Marketplace for “Nova Leap” or “Ground Station” or you can visit the direct link here.

  2. Navigate to the listing page and click on “Continue to Subscribe”.

  3. Click on “Accept Terms” it will take a moment and then when “Continue to Configuration” lights up click that button.

  4. Next you will “Continue to Launch”.

  5. Next you will “Launch” the software.

  6. This will load up the CloudFormation template and you will click “Next”.

  7. Give your stack a name.

  8. Setup your network configuration. Which VPC and subnet you want to launch in as well as the IP address that the security group will open 80/443 to. We recommend so letsencrypt can issue a certificate.

  9. Configure the EC2 instance.

  10. Configure a username and password to access the Nova Leap interface. It is also good to add a domain name you wish to run the UI under. If you don’t have a domain just write

  11. Select “Next” button at the bottom.

  12. On the “Configure Stack Options” page leave the settings as default and select “Next” button at the bottom.

  13. Select the checkbox that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names and click the “Submit” button.

  14. It takes a few minutes but once the CloudFormation template says CREATE_COMPLETE then navigate to your EC2 page and search for “Nova Leap”. From there you can go to the public IP address of the instance and bring up the Nova Leap interface and use the username and password created during the CloudFormation launch to login.